It is common knowledge that money is one of the most common causes of marriage and relationship breakups. Few things in life can set individuals and couples on edge like the weight of financial pressure and strife.

Now consider how intense that pressure can become when you’re in the midst of a major project, such as building or renovating a home? As one close friend quite aptly described it to me: Whatever issues you have in your relationship, they will be magnified about five-fold, except now you will both be on fire.While this might sound a little bit over-dramatic, in a recent survey of 1400 couples who had undertaken a renovation, a staggering 12% reported that they had considered divorcing or separating from their partner during the process. That’s around 170 couples that found themselves on the brink, all because of a home improvement project! Truly a staggering statistic.

Numbers Crunching You

As anybody that has been through a major construction project will tell you, budgeting and finances can be one of the most serious stress points. With out careful planning and management, you can easily lose track – and control – of your expenditures. On the other hand, having an efficient way to keep track of every dollar spent and monitor where your outlays are standing relative to your budgets can make a palpable difference to how smoothly your project progresses. You might not be able to control flaky contractors and dodgy weather that delays work; but if you can reign in the financial side of the equation, that’s one pounding headache you can avoid.

My Build Has Your Budget Covered

When we conceived of My Build, helping individuals and families take control of their project budget when constructing, renovating or improving their home was right at the top of our priority list. We spent untold hours brainstorming, testing and refining ideas until we arrived at a solution that we believe is intuitive, efficient and simple to use.

We believe that the results speak for themselves. The My Budget feature of our app will help you take control of the financial side of your project from start to finish:

  • Plan your project budget using our clean, simple user interface that will guide you through the process so that you get cracking on the right foot
  • Track your expenditure so that you have instant, clear vision of what you are spending, where.
  • Manage your budget day to day as your project progresses and evolves
  • Monitor your progress against the original budget to ensure that you are always on track and avoid costly overruns

My Budget is just one of the many powerful features of My Build, the app that helps you manage your construction or renovation project end-to-end. Download My Build today to find out how it can help you navigate the complexities and stresses of what should be an exciting time in life.

My Build – Take Control.

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